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Upgraded WordPress the plugins and the themes Decided…

Upgraded WordPress, the plugins and the themes. Decided to delete themes not used so will not have to update themes as much. Kept one theme for back up incase one haz problems with needing to switch to another. For shits and giggles added some more free games and a blog post. Removed some spammy comments in the free chat room and deleted and banned several users for TOS violations.

Sex Chat Inc launches live dot sex chat inc for the adult masses

Sex Chat Inc launches live dot sex chat inc for the adult masses to enjoy the best of the best of live sex cam entertainment with thousands of live men women and shemales on webcam ready to preform sex shows 1 on 1 or in group settings. These women we feature on are from all over the World and we have them sorted by niche such as barely legal teens to cougars and couples. Lots more categories and niches to choose from so you easily find the webcam entertainment you desire.

We have a great design that allows you to easily scroll through the hundreds of models in your niche. We are always interested in hearing from our community on new things we feature on our website and hope we get a lot of feedback on this fabulous new addition to our website.

Working on the Social sex experiment adding features and capabilities

Working on the Social sex experiment adding features and capabilities. This is a very exciting time around here as we now feature a free dating network for any adult on the internet to use freely. We have a dating section on here but it costs money to really use the way you want to so we create a free one here @

Sex Chat Inc gets lost in translation

We are very sad to inform all our users that we will no longer be supporting a multi ligual site as before. We set up a translator plug in here on our website but it turns out it did not function the way we thought it would and like most WordPress plug ins do. After doing much creation with it such as multi lingual free sex chat rooms we tried to get the widgets and other parts of out site to go multi lingual as well but were unable to get them to change into anything other than English. This was very confusing and frustrating to our users who were trying to use the site in there native tongues only to get a 90 percent English text site instead.

So we played around with it for awhile, than put a month of work on trying to make it work only to be told it would not work and probably never would as there were several compatibility issues with the plugin and the theme. So we have scrapped the plugin and no longer feature a multi ligual site but there are several sites you can use to translate our site, one was brought to our attention by a user, that also pointed out the translation issues, so a really big thanks to Mr Wong for the heads up. The first is Babble the other is Bing translator of course a quick search of Google will bring up lots more so be sure to find the one that works for you.

We will one day bring back translations to Sex Chat Inc into the languages we supported before plus many more but for now we are focusing our time on the other features here on the website and look forward to enhancing some of the current things we offer and bringing  forward several new things for our users to enjoy.


Sex chat room acronyms list for beginners

Sex chat room acronyms list for beginners as we get so many people asking all the time what does this one or that one mean. So in order to help solve some of the confusion we decided to start a free sex chat room acronyms list for our beginner chat room users. This is in no way a complete list but rather a starting of a BIG list of acronyms that will be listed on this post and possibly an entire section on the site someday. If you do not see any chat acronyms on here that should be than please by all means leave a comment with it and we will add it to the list.

1. asl – Age, sex, location

2. brb – Be right back

3. cto – Check this out

4. dkdc – Dont know, Dont  care

5. f2f – Face to face

6. gf – Girlfriend

7. ily – I love you

8. lol – Laughing out loud

9. tmi – To much information

10. ty – Thank you

Sex chat scam to beware of in any chat room or forums on the web

As with most scams, the chat room scams that go on are about getting your money or possessions and they do this in a variety of ways usually with blackmail or intimidation. With this post I am going to talk about a scam I have read about on a great site called that has hurt a lot of innocent people and cost them a lot of money. And we do not want any of our users to fall victim to.

The scam involved a group of men who set up fake profiles and added pics of hot young girls to them on popular social media sites. Than they went into free chat rooms and started making friends with all the guys they could. That would usually lead to trading of photos and than the fake girls would ask for videos of the men usually doing something naughty and in return would add them to there friends lists on the social media sites.

After receiving the video, the fake girls would add the men to their social media friends list and than would start to friend the mens friends from the social media sites to there friends list like, there mom, co-workers etc etc and than after that send an email to the guy who sent the video saying they wanted money or they would send the video out to all there friends, family and co-workers. A lot of guys panicked and sent the blackmailers the money they demanded which was usually around a couple hundred dollars. Supposedly the scam has netted millions in blackmail money for these  scam artists. Now with invention of free cam sites that are popping up all over the place you have to wonder if these are the next easy targets for these types of scams as it does not take all the effort via the free text chat rooms method to get a video on someone on sites like Chatroulette masturbating or showing there private parts.

We also offer a cam2cam section here and remind everyone to be about there best behavior when using them and do not do anything or show anything on your camera unless your prepared and ready for the World to possibly see. And please educate your self on chat room behavior before engaging in chat room conversations to ensure you do not fall victim to this type of scam or others.

Sex Chat Inc launches Social Sex Experiment

Sex Chat Inc launched its Social Sex Experiment section today which is an adult personals for everyone in the World to join for free to find local or international sex partners with. It will feature many users features we do not currently have or support on our site such as users blogs, groups, polls, prizes, profiles, photos and much more. We will even feature several chat rooms just for this new section.

We hope that you will be as excited about these new features and new section as much as we were making them for you. We always listen to user suggestions and comments about things we feature here, and this section is no different. If there is something you would like to see added in the future to out little experiment please let us know here or by the contact form on the Social Sex Experiment section, thanks and enjoy.

Tiny brunette flashes her goods on webcam

Adorable hot tight webcam girl showing her goods brought to you by PornHub

Tiny brunette flashes her goods on webcam in this great six minute video clip of a girl showing off in her computer room by stripping down out of her shorts and posing her ass and pussy for the camera. A very cute clip of an innocent young girl having a good time posing on webcam.