We are now on Facebook

We have just set up a Facebook located here https://www.facebook.com/sexchatinc after seeing the need to get more social with our users. Since we regularly check our Facebook daily you can expect to see a lot of great stuff being posted publicly and friends only which is why you should add us as a friend on Facebook […]

We are now on Twitter hashtag #sexchatinc

You read the blog headline right and we can be found now on Twitter here https://twitter.com/sexchatinc and we have an easy way to get in touch as we monitor the hashtag #sexchatinc. Brand awareness is very important even more for small guys and girls like us. We hope all our users and visitors that use […]

Some of the new things coming here for all of you!

After listening to feedback from our users and looking around at the competition and spending some time thinking about the future of chat we have some new things planned here on our website for you and everyone else who uses this awesome one of a kind website. The first thing coming here to our website […]

What would you like to see added to our website.

We always listen to our users no matter how big or small the idea is and you would be surprised what we have had pitched to us from advertisers to the average user which is why we want to start a ongoing post here on our blog asking our users what they would like to […]

Sex Chat Inc starts a new forum “Sex Chat Bots”

With the rise of AI and other types of computing technology sex chat robots are becoming more main stream as they are able to talk to users like humans would. And with the rise of avatars, pics,videos and holograms on the web the robots can look and seem very real to users. And with robotic […]