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How to have good sex chat in our free text chat rooms.

This goes for the seven out of ten people out there and doe snot apply to all but rather for most. When your looking how to have a good sex chat time in our free sex chat room here on Sex Chat Inc there are a few things you may want to consider doing and not doing here we are going to list the top 5 to probably do and the top 5 things never to do in order to have a good sex chat experience and time on our sex chat rooms.

Top 5 things to probably do when in our free text sex chat rooms.

1. Be nice and behave like a lady or gentlemen this is probably the most important thing to do when in the public text chat room. No one like a party pooper or a hater so when joining in the public chat room act like the opposite.

2. Always ask they age sex location of the person or people your about to engage in text sex chat with by asking asl? You may find out your really chatting with a old man instead of a young girl or the other ay around either way ask the asl of the person your about to engage in chat with this very important question, never just assume

3. Look for ways to up the people in the chat room or ways to add good info to the topic or conversation instead of vice verse. It is so easy to tear each other down and point out each others imperfections but that’s not what this chat room is about rather is about bringing out the best in each other.

4. Show your pride for what ever it is you love in life in stead of everything you hate in it. Have a sports team or car or anything? Well than talk about it and the reasons why you love them so much and respect others loves of there teams and things as well.

5. Talk about your good features and possibly show them off in pics or on webcam. Do people tell you that you have a great this? or a great that? Well you may want to show that off when you decide to take to past the free text chat room and possibly exchange pics or do a free cam2cam session.

Top 5 things not to do when in our free text chat rooms

1. Do not ever to pretend to be or engage in chat with a minor in our free text sex chat room. This will get you reported and banned and we have zero tolerance for these type of chats

2. Do not engage in political , hate or religious conversations but rather move on to the next topic. It is sure to come out at some pint but just like at the table these are things you should avoid in a free text sex chat room as they rarely lead anywhere positive.

3. Do not type in ALL CAPS. This type of chat room behavior is rude and is considered screaming at the others in the room and can get you banned from the free text sex chat room so make sure to not type in all caps.

4. Do not do things your not ask to do to other users. Just like you would not run over and hump on someones leg in public you should no tact to do it in a free text sex chat room unless other wised asked to as most find this a invasion of there personal pace.

5. Do not talk about negative topics such as death or killing. There are very few things in life sadder than death or killings and so please take my advice on this and stay away from these topics and the ones above and you should have a great time chatting on our free text sex chat rooms.

Should you steer towards to the more positive subjects and ask about the people your interacting with you should have a wonderful and great time in our free text sex chat rooms in our opinion. You also may want to consider signing up and registering a name that will always be unique to you and easy for other regular chatters to identify you by. Considering brushing up on internet lingo and acronyms and if you know some fun party jokes be sure to tell them, if you do not know any look around the web and find some.