How to have fun and entertaining cam2cam session.

So you ready to experience our cam2cam feature via our Chatroulette page well hold up a second before you do there are some things you may want to consider before doing that and also something you may want to do while having a cam2cam session here we are going to explore the top 5 things to probably do and the top 5 things you should never do in a cam2cam session here on our website. From the start though you should have already cleaned up your area that is going to be on cam and put on something to impress and take a look in the mirror and do a cam check to see what others are seeing before you decide to broadcast live on the internet. And understand what ever you do on the cam2cam can be recorded and played back so with that in mind you may not want to show off to much or do anything you would not want seen possibly posted online someday.

Top 5 things to do in a cam2cam session

1. Be yourself when on cam2cam. When doing a cam2cam session make sure to be yourself what ever that is unless the person wants to role play with you than be that but otherwise be yourself you have a great time doing just that.

2. Complement the other users. Tell the other cam2cam user what you like about them and complement them on that and other interesting features

3. Show off your best features. Make sure to show off your best features should you have BIG muscles wear shirts that show them off and offer to show them off. If you have BIG money show it off, you’ll know how.

4. Offer to preform. People like to see other in motion especially sexy motions and poses , so if you know how to strike a pose or make something look sexy offer to shows that on your cam2cam session.

5. Keep them coming back for more. Do not let the cam2cam session get boring after it has run its course offer to meet up again last thing you want after a great cam2cam session is the last minutes to be boring and the other use to be bored and not want to come back again to another cam2cam session.

Top 5 things Not to do in a cam2cam session

1. Do or have anything illegal in the view of the cam. Things you broadcast on the internet can get you in trouble with the law so when using a cam2cam make sure you are doing so legally and do NOT do anything stupid after all users can record your acts and replay them later.

2. Do not act like a butt head. Just like in public you should act like a nice calm person not like a obscene asshole straight from a horror movie. People like happy positive people and want to have a good time not the opposite.

3. Give out your location or personal details. It may sound like something you do not care anything or much about but there is a reason the other user is asking for your location and you should never give it out even if they say they have it. And when it comes to personal details never give those out either such as credit card info, telephone number, bank account info, nothing

4. Flash or commit obscene sex acts. Remember that committing a sex crime online is the same as in public so unless the other user has agreed to seeing you naked do not just get naked. it always good to be fully clothed when using the cam2cam.

5. Do not just assume. Even though we require users to be of legal age to use our website or leave immediately, do not just assume that the girl or guy your talking to is legally doing so if they do not look old enough if you have any suspicion ask the other user to verify there age by holding up a valid picture I.D showing there age they can hold there fingers over or cover the address.