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Some of the new things coming here for all of you!

After listening to feedback from our users and looking around at the competition and spending some time thinking about the future of chat we have some new things planned here on our website for you and everyone else who uses this awesome one of a kind website. The first thing coming here to our website is a artificial intelligence robot codenamed “chatter” for our users to have a AI chat bot to chat with anytime. The second is a voice able communication in our current chat room so when you want to record your voice and send the recording to someone you can do so without having to use a third party in order to do so. The third and final thing this quarter that will be added is a brand spanking new HTML5 compliant chat room, so no matter what device or browser you use it will work for you.

Didn’t see what you wanted added to our website or want to make a suggestion about something we currently offer? Please by all means let us know by leaving us a comment below about it or send it via the contact form.

Sex Chat Inc starts a new forum “Sex Chat Bots”

With the rise of AI and other types of computing technology sex chat robots are becoming more main stream as they are able to talk to users like humans would. And with the rise of avatars, pics,videos and holograms on the web the robots can look and seem very real to users. And with robotic sex toys already here and many more on the way it will not be to long before robots are pleasuring humans in the same ways we do each other. For these reasons and many other like user open discussions and staff reviews of the robots we launched the new forum Sex Chat Bots.

One of our staffers has already done a review of Sensation Bot but many other reviews are coming and if any of our users would like to review a sex chat bot please by all means do so and post it the new forum. For those looking to talk about the sex chat robots we are doing reviews of as many as we can to allow for our users to learn more about the robot and see how we judge them on a scale of 1 to 10. A couple of our staffers here are already in the works of writing a robot but it will probably not debut until mid 2014. We hope that everyone will enjoy our new forum and we look forward to your discussions about the topics it features.