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Sex Chat Inc launches Social Sex Experiment

Sex Chat Inc launched its Social Sex Experiment section today which is an adult personals for everyone in the World to join for free to find local or international sex partners with. It will feature many users features we do not currently have or support on our site such as users blogs, groups, polls, prizes, profiles, photos and much more. We will even feature several chat rooms just for this new section.

We hope that you will be as excited about these new features and new section as much as we were making them for you. We always listen to user suggestions and comments about things we feature here, and this section is no different. If there is something you would like to see added in the future to out little experiment please let us know here or by the contact form on the Social Sex Experiment section, thanks and enjoy.

How to pick up a date online.

Trying out our dating section and your ready to go out an enjoy the company of others? Or you just want to find a new fuck toy either way you want to go out on a date and so do a lot of other adults. So you might find yourself asking a lot of the questions other people going online to find a date are asking themselves and in some cases doing wrong. So here are a few pointers and do not”s to go by when finding and picking up a date online.

Top 5 things to do to pick up a date online.

1. Be honest what you are looking for. Do not sign up as a gay member if your not gay is one example but i think you get the picture when asked what your looking be truthful

2. Post a recent picture that look decent. Do not post a pic from 10 years ago of what you used to look like than show up looking like someone else

3. Show off your achievements – If you have a nice car maybe a BIG house or other great stuff be sure to show it in a pic or two on your profile.

4. Join a site with lots of members – Look for sites that have millions of members such as Adult Friend Finder, Match and eHarmony

5. Get some game. – Brush up on your wines and drinks list and learn a joke or two and make sure to dance around in the mirror for a bit before heading out to the club and remember your manners.

Top 5 things Not to do when picking up dates online.

1. Never lie about what you have or are going to do. The last thing anyone wants to see and hear is that you have a corvette and your going out on the town for a awesome night or dinner and drinks and you show up driving a pinto, asking to borrow money to buy some Mc Donald’s.

2. Do not promise them money in exchange for any sexual act. Some people use dating sites to sell sex you can spot these people pretty easy and some things they ask for are an amount of roses or kisses and you should steer clear of these people as they are there for sell sex and not for dates

3. Never meet them alone somewhere . A big red flag should go off if your date wants to meet you alone somewhere say down a dark road in the middle of the country somewhere. Should you have any doubts or suspicions take a friends along with on a couple of dates before going anywhere alone with your date.

4. Showing up late stinking and tired. When you go out on a date you want to make sure your dressed right and smelling good and have plenty of energy to make it through the night. Trust me when i say the last thing a woman or guy wants to do is take out a slob.

5. Send anything you would not want the internet to see. If someone asks you to send them a picture or video of you naked think twice if not three times as you never know where that video may end up such as Facebook or the web.