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Sex Chat Inc gets lost in translation

We are very sad to inform all our users that we will no longer be supporting a multi ligual site as before. We set up a translator plug in here on our website but it turns out it did not function the way we thought it would and like most WordPress plug ins do. After doing much creation with it such as multi lingual free sex chat rooms we tried to get the widgets and other parts of out site to go multi lingual as well but were unable to get them to change into anything other than English. This was very confusing and frustrating to our users who were trying to use the site in there native tongues only to get a 90 percent English text site instead.

So we played around with it for awhile, than put a month of work on trying to make it work only to be told it would not work and probably never would as there were several compatibility issues with the plugin and the theme. So we have scrapped the plugin and no longer feature a multi ligual site but there are several sites you can use to translate our site, one was brought to our attention by a user, that also pointed out the translation issues, so a really big thanks to Mr Wong for the heads up. The first is Babble the other is Bing translator of course a quick search of Google will bring up lots more so be sure to find the one that works for you.

We will one day bring back translations to Sex Chat Inc into the languages we supported before plus many more but for now we are focusing our time on the other features here on the website and look forward to enhancing some of the current things we offer and bringing  forward several new things for our users to enjoy.


Sex chat inc gets translated into 10 languages

We are very proud to announce today that sex chat inc now has 10 translated versions online, just click on the button in the bottom left hand sidebar and select your language and the website will appear in the language you choose. Right now we have added 10 new translations but more are planned for the future so if you do not see yours yet do not worry odds are we will have it in the next couples of months and will do follow up posts about it when we add more each month.

This was a HUGE undertaking by our staffers here and we hope that our visitors will enjoy viewing the website in there native tongue.  Should you see a mistake in a translation we offer please by all means let us know so we can fix it, thanks. Any on topic questions or comments are always welcome so by all means leave them if you have them.