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We now have a shorter URL

We have just made a short URL for which is after getting some suggestions from our users, this was one of the top ones we got from them was to add a short URL capability so we decided to use the best one on the block made by Google. We may down the road add some more short URLs from other services such as bitly but for now we think this one will work well for anyone looking to bookmark our website or visit by typing in. The only thing we did not like about the Google URL shortner was it does not allow for custom short URLs like to be selected.

So tell us what you think about our new short URL made by Google. Was it a waste of time? not short enough? Should we use another service? Do you plan on ever using it? Or what ever you can think of about our new short URL we would love to hear.

Sex Chat inc wishes you and yours the best this New year

Its been a great year for us here at Sex Chat inc and we are hoping for an even better one this next year. And we hope that your 2012 has been the same if not better and this is even a better year. We learned a lot this year from our websites visitors and the web in general. We never thought our website would be the way it is today when we first start building on it and are very pleased to offer so many different things for everyone to use freely or even buy. Listening to your users is so important when your a webmaster as they will tell you what is cool and not and what they wish you had and didn’t. no matter how little or BIG the request we always listen and do our best to put it into the future builds of this massive website of ours.

With that written and understood by all means tell us what you would like to see on our website for the year 2013 no matter what it is even if it something we already offer that you want done better we want to hear about it. We do have some some plans in the works so to speak for next year already such as giveaways and competitions along with a couple of other tricks on our bag we plan on deploying in 2013.


Sex chat room acronyms list for beginners

Sex chat room acronyms list for beginners as we get so many people asking all the time what does this one or that one mean. So in order to help solve some of the confusion we decided to start a free sex chat room acronyms list for our beginner chat room users. This is in no way a complete list but rather a starting of a BIG list of acronyms that will be listed on this post and possibly an entire section on the site someday. If you do not see any chat acronyms on here that should be than please by all means leave a comment with it and we will add it to the list.

1. asl – Age, sex, location

2. brb – Be right back

3. cto – Check this out

4. dkdc – Dont know, Dont  care

5. f2f – Face to face

6. gf – Girlfriend

7. ily – I love you

8. lol – Laughing out loud

9. tmi – To much information

10. ty – Thank you

Sex chat scam to beware of in any chat room or forums on the web

As with most scams, the chat room scams that go on are about getting your money or possessions and they do this in a variety of ways usually with blackmail or intimidation. With this post I am going to talk about a scam I have read about on a great site called that has hurt a lot of innocent people and cost them a lot of money. And we do not want any of our users to fall victim to.

The scam involved a group of men who set up fake profiles and added pics of hot young girls to them on popular social media sites. Than they went into free chat rooms and started making friends with all the guys they could. That would usually lead to trading of photos and than the fake girls would ask for videos of the men usually doing something naughty and in return would add them to there friends lists on the social media sites.

After receiving the video, the fake girls would add the men to their social media friends list and than would start to friend the mens friends from the social media sites to there friends list like, there mom, co-workers etc etc and than after that send an email to the guy who sent the video saying they wanted money or they would send the video out to all there friends, family and co-workers. A lot of guys panicked and sent the blackmailers the money they demanded which was usually around a couple hundred dollars. Supposedly the scam has netted millions in blackmail money for these  scam artists. Now with invention of free cam sites that are popping up all over the place you have to wonder if these are the next easy targets for these types of scams as it does not take all the effort via the free text chat rooms method to get a video on someone on sites like Chatroulette masturbating or showing there private parts.

We also offer a cam2cam section here and remind everyone to be about there best behavior when using them and do not do anything or show anything on your camera unless your prepared and ready for the World to possibly see. And please educate your self on chat room behavior before engaging in chat room conversations to ensure you do not fall victim to this type of scam or others.

Sex Chat Inc launches Social Sex Experiment

Sex Chat Inc launched its Social Sex Experiment section today which is an adult personals for everyone in the World to join for free to find local or international sex partners with. It will feature many users features we do not currently have or support on our site such as users blogs, groups, polls, prizes, profiles, photos and much more. We will even feature several chat rooms just for this new section.

We hope that you will be as excited about these new features and new section as much as we were making them for you. We always listen to user suggestions and comments about things we feature here, and this section is no different. If there is something you would like to see added in the future to out little experiment please let us know here or by the contact form on the Social Sex Experiment section, thanks and enjoy.

Sex Chat Inc launches sex industry news feeds section

Sex Chat Inc added a Sex News section to the website today featuring news feeds from Google, Yahoo and MSN and also feeds from sex industry leaders such as AVN, XBIZ and YNOT. With so much going on in the adult entertainment industry it can bee hard to keep up with everything but now with our News section you can easily find out about the latest news in this awesome one of a kind entertainment industry.

We will be adding more feeds from industry leaders as time goes on but this is already a great start and source from anything and everything going on sexually in the news on the internet. We hope that you will enjoy this news section as much as we did setting it up for you. Any suggestions, questions or comments about the new section added on the site please leave them here on via the contact page on the news section.


Sex Chat Inc launches a sex pictures section Pintrest style.

We here at Sex Chat Inc are very proud and pleased to announce the creation of a new Sex Pictures section here on our website inspired by the Pintrest website. Besides all the great pics we have uploaded for our users to see all of our users can create there on sub site on our sex pictures section and start pinning pics from across the web.  Whether they are gifs, jpegs, stills, black and white photos or even video clips they can be pinned on the site. We decided after using Pintrest ourselves and reading the terms of service about what we could pin and not that it was time for a adult themed styled Pintrest to hit the web thus the Sex Pictures section was born.

And although you can pin pictures from around the web on our website we do ask that you read our terms of service and rules for the sex pictures section before pinning any pictures as we do have some restrictions on what we can posted to this section of our website but hope that our users will enjoy the new section and its features as much as the sexy pics. We welcome any comments and suggestions about the sex pictures section here on via the contact form of that section.


How to pick up a date online.

Trying out our dating section and your ready to go out an enjoy the company of others? Or you just want to find a new fuck toy either way you want to go out on a date and so do a lot of other adults. So you might find yourself asking a lot of the questions other people going online to find a date are asking themselves and in some cases doing wrong. So here are a few pointers and do not”s to go by when finding and picking up a date online.

Top 5 things to do to pick up a date online.

1. Be honest what you are looking for. Do not sign up as a gay member if your not gay is one example but i think you get the picture when asked what your looking be truthful

2. Post a recent picture that look decent. Do not post a pic from 10 years ago of what you used to look like than show up looking like someone else

3. Show off your achievements – If you have a nice car maybe a BIG house or other great stuff be sure to show it in a pic or two on your profile.

4. Join a site with lots of members – Look for sites that have millions of members such as Adult Friend Finder, Match and eHarmony

5. Get some game. – Brush up on your wines and drinks list and learn a joke or two and make sure to dance around in the mirror for a bit before heading out to the club and remember your manners.

Top 5 things Not to do when picking up dates online.

1. Never lie about what you have or are going to do. The last thing anyone wants to see and hear is that you have a corvette and your going out on the town for a awesome night or dinner and drinks and you show up driving a pinto, asking to borrow money to buy some Mc Donald’s.

2. Do not promise them money in exchange for any sexual act. Some people use dating sites to sell sex you can spot these people pretty easy and some things they ask for are an amount of roses or kisses and you should steer clear of these people as they are there for sell sex and not for dates

3. Never meet them alone somewhere . A big red flag should go off if your date wants to meet you alone somewhere say down a dark road in the middle of the country somewhere. Should you have any doubts or suspicions take a friends along with on a couple of dates before going anywhere alone with your date.

4. Showing up late stinking and tired. When you go out on a date you want to make sure your dressed right and smelling good and have plenty of energy to make it through the night. Trust me when i say the last thing a woman or guy wants to do is take out a slob.

5. Send anything you would not want the internet to see. If someone asks you to send them a picture or video of you naked think twice if not three times as you never know where that video may end up such as Facebook or the web.

How to have fun and entertaining cam2cam session.

So you ready to experience our cam2cam feature via our Chatroulette page well hold up a second before you do there are some things you may want to consider before doing that and also something you may want to do while having a cam2cam session here we are going to explore the top 5 things to probably do and the top 5 things you should never do in a cam2cam session here on our website. From the start though you should have already cleaned up your area that is going to be on cam and put on something to impress and take a look in the mirror and do a cam check to see what others are seeing before you decide to broadcast live on the internet. And understand what ever you do on the cam2cam can be recorded and played back so with that in mind you may not want to show off to much or do anything you would not want seen possibly posted online someday.

Top 5 things to do in a cam2cam session

1. Be yourself when on cam2cam. When doing a cam2cam session make sure to be yourself what ever that is unless the person wants to role play with you than be that but otherwise be yourself you have a great time doing just that.

2. Complement the other users. Tell the other cam2cam user what you like about them and complement them on that and other interesting features

3. Show off your best features. Make sure to show off your best features should you have BIG muscles wear shirts that show them off and offer to show them off. If you have BIG money show it off, you’ll know how.

4. Offer to preform. People like to see other in motion especially sexy motions and poses , so if you know how to strike a pose or make something look sexy offer to shows that on your cam2cam session.

5. Keep them coming back for more. Do not let the cam2cam session get boring after it has run its course offer to meet up again last thing you want after a great cam2cam session is the last minutes to be boring and the other use to be bored and not want to come back again to another cam2cam session.

Top 5 things Not to do in a cam2cam session

1. Do or have anything illegal in the view of the cam. Things you broadcast on the internet can get you in trouble with the law so when using a cam2cam make sure you are doing so legally and do NOT do anything stupid after all users can record your acts and replay them later.

2. Do not act like a butt head. Just like in public you should act like a nice calm person not like a obscene asshole straight from a horror movie. People like happy positive people and want to have a good time not the opposite.

3. Give out your location or personal details. It may sound like something you do not care anything or much about but there is a reason the other user is asking for your location and you should never give it out even if they say they have it. And when it comes to personal details never give those out either such as credit card info, telephone number, bank account info, nothing

4. Flash or commit obscene sex acts. Remember that committing a sex crime online is the same as in public so unless the other user has agreed to seeing you naked do not just get naked. it always good to be fully clothed when using the cam2cam.

5. Do not just assume. Even though we require users to be of legal age to use our website or leave immediately, do not just assume that the girl or guy your talking to is legally doing so if they do not look old enough if you have any suspicion ask the other user to verify there age by holding up a valid picture I.D showing there age they can hold there fingers over or cover the address.

How to have great sex chat using our paid live sex cams.

This is a great how to post on how to have a great time sex chatting using our paid live sex cam services for anyone that has never tried sex cams before or maybe did not have such a great time the last time using live sex cams. To first begin you want to make sure you have plenty of time to be alone or with the person or people you plan on having around while sex chatting. The next thing you will want to do is make sure you have a good connection to the internet and kind of test the connection of the webcam model your wanting to buy private time with. O.k. with that understood lets get into the top 5 things you should and should not do when using our paid live sex cam services.

Top 5 things to do when using our paid live sex cam services.

1. Be already aroused! If it takes you more than a minute to get a hard on than make sure you take the time to get hard before buying time and if it takes you an hour to come than make sure to spend some time getting there before buying time. This way you save a money by having the action when your ready to go.

2. Tell the model what you want her to be doing right away. Do not wait around till the last minute to have the model preform what you want them to instead let them know to start doing it right away whether its get naked or start fucking themselves let them know and it does not hurt to ask them if they are willing to do what them to in the free chat room to make sure they are willing to do what you ask.

3. Go slow and spend what you can. Okay so you figured out you love to sex cam with models what you need to also remember is to go slow there are lots of internet models and to spend what you can the last thing you want to do is wake up and have blown 6 loads and a couple of grand you did not have to spend.

4. Try out the various services for the best deals and rewards. Lots of our live webcam services give away a lot of free time and rewards to new customers so try out some of not all of the sex cams services and reap the benefits from all the great deals and rewards newbies enjoy and if your not sure of the service just buy the least amount of time so you can tell if you like it or not.

5. Look for the right technology. Many of our webcam models have different types of interaction than can provide you such as high definition, 3d, voice and video to video so for those of you with awesome technology can enjoy that when chatting with a performer that offers what your looking for. I personally enjoy the voice ability so that i do not have to type and am hand free to do what i like.

Top 5 things not to do when using our paid live sex cam services.

1. Use a payment method that is not yours to pay with. This can lead to all sorts of bad things happening such a fines and possible jail time make sure that if your tipping its with your money

2. Ask a model to do something you know they can not do. There is no way for a model to hang from a ceiling or to start fucking a man if there is no man in the room or way to hang from the ceiling. Always ask if the model is willing to do so you know before hand whether they can do it or not.

3. Shooting a load on your tech. Make sure that you know that when you cum your going to cum like never before and you do not want to get anything on your awesome technology so be sure to have preplanned by pre-aiming your cum shot in the direction of something less expensive or into something like a towel.

4. Scream, yell, harass, threaten, stalk or just act rude as this will get you banned from the services and possibly in trouble with the law. No one likes to be threatened, told what to do, bullied or worse yet stalked and if you engage in these or other types of bad behavior online than you are breaking the law and could end up being prosecuted.

5. Never give out your personal info. It does not matter how small of a detail it is,  never give out your personal information to any of the models. Not your credit card number, not your address, not even your real name, nothing, nada, zip zero zilch never give out your personal details to the models or anyone online.