Sex chat scam to beware of in any chat room or forums on the web

As with most scams, the chat room scams that go on are about getting your money or possessions and they do this in a variety of ways usually with blackmail or intimidation. With this post I am going to talk about a scam I have read about on a great site called that has hurt a lot of innocent people and cost them a lot of money. And we do not want any of our users to fall victim to.

The scam involved a group of men who set up fake profiles and added pics of hot young girls to them on popular social media sites. Than they went into free chat rooms and started making friends with all the guys they could. That would usually lead to trading of photos and than the fake girls would ask for videos of the men usually doing something naughty and in return would add them to there friends lists on the social media sites.

After receiving the video, the fake girls would add the men to their social media friends list and than would start to friend the mens friends from the social media sites to there friends list like, there mom, co-workers etc etc and than after that send an email to the guy who sent the video saying they wanted money or they would send the video out to all there friends, family and co-workers. A lot of guys panicked and sent the blackmailers the money they demanded which was usually around a couple hundred dollars. Supposedly the scam has netted millions in blackmail money for these  scam artists. Now with invention of free cam sites that are popping up all over the place you have to wonder if these are the next easy targets for these types of scams as it does not take all the effort via the free text chat rooms method to get a video on someone on sites like Chatroulette masturbating or showing there private parts.

We also offer a cam2cam section here and remind everyone to be about there best behavior when using them and do not do anything or show anything on your camera unless your prepared and ready for the World to possibly see. And please educate your self on chat room behavior before engaging in chat room conversations to ensure you do not fall victim to this type of scam or others.