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Sex Chat Inc launches live dot sex chat inc for the adult masses

Sex Chat Inc launches live dot sex chat inc for the adult masses to enjoy the best of the best of live sex cam entertainment with thousands of live men women and shemales on webcam ready to preform sex shows 1 on 1 or in group settings. These women we feature on live.sexchatinc.com are from all over the World and we have them sorted by niche such as barely legal teens to cougars and couples. Lots more categories and niches to choose from so you easily find the webcam entertainment you desire.

We have a great design that allows you to easily scroll through the hundreds of models in your niche. We are always interested in hearing from our community on new things we feature on our website and hope we get a lot of feedback on this fabulous new addition to our website.

How to have great sex chat using our paid live sex cams.

This is a great how to post on how to have a great time sex chatting using our paid live sex cam services for anyone that has never tried sex cams before or maybe did not have such a great time the last time using live sex cams. To first begin you want to make sure you have plenty of time to be alone or with the person or people you plan on having around while sex chatting. The next thing you will want to do is make sure you have a good connection to the internet and kind of test the connection of the webcam model your wanting to buy private time with. O.k. with that understood lets get into the top 5 things you should and should not do when using our paid live sex cam services.

Top 5 things to do when using our paid live sex cam services.

1. Be already aroused! If it takes you more than a minute to get a hard on than make sure you take the time to get hard before buying time and if it takes you an hour to come than make sure to spend some time getting there before buying time. This way you save a money by having the action when your ready to go.

2. Tell the model what you want her to be doing right away. Do not wait around till the last minute to have the model preform what you want them to instead let them know to start doing it right away whether its get naked or start fucking themselves let them know and it does not hurt to ask them if they are willing to do what them to in the free chat room to make sure they are willing to do what you ask.

3. Go slow and spend what you can. Okay so you figured out you love to sex cam with models what you need to also remember is to go slow there are lots of internet models and to spend what you can the last thing you want to do is wake up and have blown 6 loads and a couple of grand you did not have to spend.

4. Try out the various services for the best deals and rewards. Lots of our live webcam services give away a lot of free time and rewards to new customers so try out some of not all of the sex cams services and reap the benefits from all the great deals and rewards newbies enjoy and if your not sure of the service just buy the least amount of time so you can tell if you like it or not.

5. Look for the right technology. Many of our webcam models have different types of interaction than can provide you such as high definition, 3d, voice and video to video so for those of you with awesome technology can enjoy that when chatting with a performer that offers what your looking for. I personally enjoy the voice ability so that i do not have to type and am hand free to do what i like.

Top 5 things not to do when using our paid live sex cam services.

1. Use a payment method that is not yours to pay with. This can lead to all sorts of bad things happening such a fines and possible jail time make sure that if your tipping its with your money

2. Ask a model to do something you know they can not do. There is no way for a model to hang from a ceiling or to start fucking a man if there is no man in the room or way to hang from the ceiling. Always ask if the model is willing to do so you know before hand whether they can do it or not.

3. Shooting a load on your tech. Make sure that you know that when you cum your going to cum like never before and you do not want to get anything on your awesome technology so be sure to have preplanned by pre-aiming your cum shot in the direction of something less expensive or into something like a towel.

4. Scream, yell, harass, threaten, stalk or just act rude as this will get you banned from the services and possibly in trouble with the law. No one likes to be threatened, told what to do, bullied or worse yet stalked and if you engage in these or other types of bad behavior online than you are breaking the law and could end up being prosecuted.

5. Never give out your personal info. It does not matter how small of a detail it is,  never give out your personal information to any of the models. Not your credit card number, not your address, not even your real name, nothing, nada, zip zero zilch never give out your personal details to the models or anyone online.