We now have a shorter URL

We have just made a short URL for www.sexchatinc.com which is http://goo.gl/t1MPKe after getting some suggestions from our users, this was one of the top ones we got from them was to add a short URL capability so we decided to use the best one on the block made by Google. We may down the road add some more short URLs from other services such as bitly but for now we think this one will work well for anyone looking to bookmark our website or visit by typing in. The only thing we did not like about the Google URL shortner was it does not allow for custom short URLs like goo.gl/sexchat to be selected.

So tell us what you think about our new short URL made by Google. Was it a waste of time? not short enough? Should we use another service? Do you plan on ever using it? Or what ever you can think of about our new short URL we would love to hear.