Sex chat room acronyms list for beginners

Sex chat room acronyms list for beginners as we get so many people asking all the time what does this one or that one mean. So in order to help solve some of the confusion we decided to start a free sex chat room acronyms list for our beginner chat room users. This is in no way a complete list but rather a starting of a BIG list of acronyms that will be listed on this post and possibly an entire section on the site someday. If you do not see any chat acronyms on here that should be than please by all means leave a comment with it and we will add it to the list.

1. asl – Age, sex, location

2. brb – Be right back

3. cto – Check this out

4. dkdc – Dont know, Dont  care

5. f2f – Face to face

6. gf – Girlfriend

7. ily – I love you

8. lol – Laughing out loud

9. tmi – To much information

10. ty – Thank you