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What would you like to see added to our website.

We always listen to our users no matter how big or small the idea is and you would be surprised what we have had pitched to us from advertisers to the average user which is why we want to start a ongoing post here on our blog asking our users what they would like to see added or even done better here on our website so here goes. When we first started this website it was just an idea a couple of geeks dreamed up in a basement one night after thinking a free sex chat room for adults to enjoy is what was needed at the time.

After getting a chat room up and running we started watching and listening to our users and a lot of them were posting links to pictures to other websites in the free chat room so we started a free picture section. Than came the tube links everyone was posting and so we added a free sex tube. Than came our free cam 2 cam page because after so many users wanted more than just ti be able to text one another. Just to keep up with it we started a log here because so much needed to be done and in most cases learned (self taught) . There was and now even more news out there so we started a section dedicated to sex news. Than we launched this blog that is dedicated to site news in order to keep our users informed on new stuff and now we hope our users will do the same for us and keep us informed on what they would like the next BIG thing to be here on our one of kind very unique sex chat website.

Sex Chat inc wishes you and yours the best this New year

Its been a great year for us here at Sex Chat inc and we are hoping for an even better one this next year. And we hope that your 2012 has been the same if not better and this is even a better year. We learned a lot this year from our websites visitors and the web in general. We never thought our website would be the way it is today when we first start building on it and are very pleased to offer so many different things for everyone to use freely or even buy. Listening to your users is so important when your a webmaster as they will tell you what is cool and not and what they wish you had and didn’t. no matter how little or BIG the request we always listen and do our best to put it into the future builds of this massive website of ours.

With that written and understood by all means tell us what you would like to see on our website for the year 2013 no matter what it is even if it something we already offer that you want done better we want to hear about it. We do have some some plans in the works so to speak for next year already such as giveaways and competitions along with a couple of other tricks on our bag we plan on deploying in 2013.


Hello and welcome to the newest sex chat blog!

Hello and welcome all you adults to the newest and soon to be the best sex chat blog on the web Here we plan on talking about all things sex chat related including our fabulous one of a kind website. I give major props to our team for putting together such a awesome website for adults to communicate with one another on by offering a minimalistic approach to it. instead of slamming everyone with ads and advertisements we strive on doing the opposite and never run ads in any of chat rooms.

We appreciate all the positive and even the negative feedback we get from users as long as it is constructive as we have fixed many of things and added many of things over the time to the website because of it and rely on word of mouth when it comes to our website visitors and hope all you that enjoy our website will continue to spread the word.