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Sex Chat Inc launches a sex pictures section Pintrest style.

We here at Sex Chat Inc are very proud and pleased to announce the creation of a new Sex Pictures section here on our website inspired by the Pintrest website. Besides all the great pics we have uploaded for our users to see all of our users can create there on sub site on our sex pictures section and start pinning pics from across the web.  Whether they are gifs, jpegs, stills, black and white photos or even video clips they can be pinned on the site. We decided after using Pintrest ourselves and reading the terms of service about what we could pin and not that it was time for a adult themed styled Pintrest to hit the web thus the Sex Pictures section was born.

And although you can pin pictures from around the web on our website we do ask that you read our terms of service and rules for the sex pictures section before pinning any pictures as we do have some restrictions on what we can posted to this section of our website but hope that our users will enjoy the new section and its features as much as the sexy pics. We welcome any comments and suggestions about the sex pictures section here on via the contact form of that section.